iPhone Monitoring in 3 Easy Steps

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Verify the iCloud Credentials

Verify iCloud username and password of the target iPhone.

Monitor Your Kids

Keep a tab on your kids' activity from any web browser.

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TeenSafe- The Answer to All Parents' Needs

iphone parental control
Set Usage Limits for Your Children

Children use phones for 9-10 hours every day. This is like working on a full-time stressful job. Use TeenSafe to view their screen time, set limits for maximum phone usage.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Internet is fun, but also dangerous for a child. There are online scams, cyber crime, cyber bullying, and what not. Keep your child safe from all these perils by keeping a tab on their internet activities. Ensure your child's safety even when you are away by using TeenSafe.

iphone parental control app
iphone parental monitoring app
Help Them Grow

With TeenSafe, you can learn about what your child's interests are. After all, there is not everything that they share with you. Once you understand their personality well, you can help them in nurturing and growing their interests and weed out the bad habits.

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