SIM Card Spy: Track SIM Card Remotely

SIM Card Tracker

Get SIM card detailed information such as location tags and IMEI number.

Get notifications whenever a new SIM is inserted into the device:

  • Find out about the phone carrier of the target phone.
  • Learn the network location of the target SIM card.
  • Sign up for a SIM card change notification.
  • View all SIM card related info from your PC, tablet, or phone.

3 Easy Steps to Track a SIM Card

Sign Up Free

Create a TeenSafe account using your existing email ID.

Configure TeenSafe's Settings

Follow the on-screen guide to configure TeenSafe for the target phone

View the SIM Card Details

You are now ready to view their SIM Card data from the TeenSafe dashboard.

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Track Their SIM Card Without Them Knowing

Once you have spent a couple of minutes configuring TeenSafe, you can track a SIM card location anytime, instantly! TeenSafe is an easy to use method that does not require any technical skills on your end.

When TeenSafe is configured, you get access to the TeenSafe's dashboard. You can find the "SIM Card" tab in the left side of the dashboard. You can click on it and the SIM card details open.

In this interface, you can view all the details of their SIM card on your screen. You can learn about their phone number, IMEI number, and even their approximate phone location.

sim card tracker

Benefits of SIM Card Tracking

TeenSafe's SIM card tracker is quite a useful tool. When it comes to tracking a lost phone, there is no other method that can give better results than SIM card tracking. You can also use it to find out if the target user has a second SIM they are hiding from you.

With SIM change notifications, you are updated whenever they change the SIM card on their device. This means that the person has nothing to hide from you, as their SIM card info gives it all away.

You can even use the SIM card tracker to view the approximate location of the device. If their GPS is turned off, this feature works as a backup to know their location.

TeenSafe is safe, secure, and reliable. This is why every parent is using it already. Start using TeenSafe today!

View SIM Card Info Without Root or Jailbreak

TeenSafe is one of the most advanced apps ever created. As such, it lets you monitor a phone's SIM card info without having to root or jailbreak the target phone. This is unlike any other phone monitor you will find online or offline.

View SIM Card Info Secretly

Using TeenSafe to monitor their SIM card info assures you that they will never find out about it. This is because TeenSafe has specialized stealth interface for both iOS and Android phones. Its iOS SIM card tracker works without needing app installation. Its Android SIM card tracker works hidden on the target phone.

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