How to Spy on Facebook Messages with TeenSafe

Facebook Messenger Spy App

View someone's private Facebook messages, media files, friend list, and much more.

Find out the people they talk to on Facebook using TeenSafe:

  • View private inbox of the user.
  • View all the pictures and videos they shared or received.
  • View the Facebook profile of people they are talking to.

Spy on Facebook in 3 Simple Steps

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Create a TeenSafe account using your email ID as username.

Configure TeenSafe

Configure TeenSafe with the instructions on the screen.

View their messages on your personal TeenSafe dashboard.

Access their private Facebook messages at any time through TeenSafe dashboard.

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Only Way to Read Someone's Facebook Messages Secretly

TeenSafe is a simple as well as only way when it comes to reading someone's Facebook messages. It just takes you abo five minutes to setup TeenSafe, after which you can access the TeenSafe dashboard at any time through simple login process. TeenSafe handles all your worries for you.

When you have configured TeenSafe, you can login to your dashboard by using the username and password. At the dashboard, you can find the 'Facebook Monitor' under 'Social Media Apps'. It shows you all the chats of the user, along with other detailed information.

You not only see their private messages, but you also know who the user is talking to. If there is any activity they do on their private account, you can know about it using TeenSafe. The best part is that the target user does not know you have eyes on their messages.

The messages have timestamps which let you know which message was sent/received when. TeenSafe also shows you their deleted Facebook messages as well..

Facebook spy

TeenSafe Facebook Monitor Shows You Red Flags to Worry About

When you have someone's Facebook messages, you will know a side of them that they hide from you. This can help you in protecting the person if you care about them.

No Need to Root or Jailbreak

Unlike other phone monitors, TeenSafe does not ask you to root or jailbreak the target device in order to work. TeenSafe has a simple interface but with an advanced technology behind it. Therefore, TeenSafe is able to monitor all phones without you having to compromise with the phone integrity through root/jailbreak.

Secure Facebook Monitoring

TeenSafe employs the best data policies so you can feel safe about using it. TeenSafe can show you an Android phone's Facebook messages while being completely hidden on it. When it comes to iOS devices, you can view the Facebook data without even needing app installation on the target iPhone or iPad.

Employee's Facebook Monitoring

By monitoring the private messages of your employees, you can know what they talk about your company. You can also find out how your employees respond to the queries and complaints of the customers.

Further, TeenSafe's Facebook monitor tells you if there is any employee talking to your competitors, which is a major cause of worry for most employers. After all, you don't want your company's secrets and vulnerabilities shared outside.

Indispensable Tool for Parents

Children spend countless hours on Facebook, which is a big concern for parents. After all, Facebook is full of online predators and whatnot. This is why parents use TeenSafe to find out what their children are doing on Facebook and who are they talking to.

IFacebook is full of online predators and people looking to exploit a child's innocence. TeenSafe lets you make sure that no such people can harm your children in any way.

Millions of users globally use TeenSafe due to its ease of access and the quality of service. There are no bugs in the system and the app focuses on providing an accessible interface so parents can use it without any knowledge of technology needed. If you are a parent, you should get TeenSafe today!

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