Track an Android Phone with TeenSafe

TeenSafe's step-by-step Android tracking instructions.

Learn how to track iPhone and iPad instead.

TeenSafe, the world's best Android tracker, has been offering tracking service for Android phones since as long as Android phones have been available. Here is the detailed process to track an Android phone using TeenSafe, while being completely hidden.

Part One: Requirements to Track an Android Phone

TeenSafe Account with Subscription

Gives you access to all TeenSafe's features, including tracking.

One-time Access to the Target Phone

You need to access the target phone, for a maximum of two minutes.

Part Two: How to Track Android Phones or Tablet

Follow these three simple steps in order to track Android phones:

1. Get a TeenSafe subscription & Prep target device.
2. Install TeenSafe app on target phone.
3. Start tracking target phone with TeenSafe.

For a detailed information on these steps, read below:

Step 1. Getting a TeenSafe Account & preparing target phone

1. Visit from any of your devices. Click on the sign-up button, which you can see in the top right corner. Create a TeenSafe account through your email and a password. Alternatively, fill the form below:

2. Once you have the account, get a subscription plan for Android phones. You will be redirected to the setup process. The setup process will take a couple of minutes or so, depending on your internet speed. You will also see all the instructions on the screen.

Name the phone that you wish to monitor and choose its operating system as Android.

TeenSafe download apk

3. Access the target phone and navigate to "Settings">"Security". Find the option that says "Install apps from unknown sources" and make sure it is enabled.

track an android phone 01

Navigate to "Settings" > "Google" > "Security" > "Google Play Protect". Disable "Improve harmful app detection" & "Scan device for security threats".

Disable Improve harmful app detection

Step 2. Install TeenSafe app

1. You are now ready to install the TeenSafe app on the target phone. You will find the TeenSafe Android app link during the TeenSafe setup on the web browser you are using. Open this link from the target phone, and you can download the TeenSafe app from there.

Download app to track someone's android phone

2. Once you have installed the app, read the privacy policy and click on 'Agree'. Sign into the app with your TeenSafe username and password..

read privacy policy

3. You're almost done! Allow all the permissions that the app seeks on the target phone. You can then choose to hide the app icon from the target phone's app menu. If you choose to hide it, TeenSafe works in complete stealth mode. In order to open TeenSafe on the target phone, you can dial **001** on that phone and TeenSafe will launch.

TeenSafe android tracking app setup 02

Step 3. Monitor phone from TeenSafe's dashboard

You are now ready to monitor the target phone. Log into your TeenSafe dashboard using your username and password from any web browser you want. You will then be redirected to your TeenSafe dashboard, where all of TeenSafe's features are present.

finish android app tracking installation

During the first time access to the TeenSafe's dashboard, it takes a few minutes to sync with the target phone's data completely. Therefore, please be patient during this time. Once the data is synced, you can click on any feature on the left and the feature interface will open. You can refresh the data through the Refresh icon on top to keep it updated. Remember that the target phone needs to be connected to the internet to sync new data.

track android data with Cocospy

Part Three: TeenSafe's Additional Features