Monitor Saved Contacts

Monitor Saved Contacts

Once you have the access to their contacts, you can see the people they are in touch with. Every contact comes with other information such as name, address, or anything else that they have saved.

Give names to numbers that you saw in their call logs.

  • View favorite contacts.
  • View detailed contact information.
  • View contact display picture if its saved.

View Contacts with 3 Simple Steps

Sign Up

Create a TeenSafe account, with your email as the username.

Select Target Device

Choose if the target user has iOS or Android, following on screen guide.

Ready to Monitor

You can now access their contacts through your TeenSafe dashboard.

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Remote Phonebook Access

TeenSafe lets you view someone's contacts along with other saved contact information just with a single click. With a first time configuration process lasting five minutes, you are ready to monitor their contacts forever. Just click the 'Contacts' panel on the left hand side of your TeenSafe dashboard..

Once you are on the Contacts page, you can see all their contact info. By default, TeenSafe displays 10 contacts per page, but it can be scaled up to 100. You can view phone numbers, names, display pictures, and all the other contact information as well.

In order to get the detailed information of the contact, you just need to click on it. You can then view everything linked to that contact that the target user has saved on their phone. This can include their address, email ID, additional phone numbers, etc.

Who do they talk to?

With TeenSafe, you finally have the answer to the question 'Who is my child talking to?' Children are innocent and they cannot differentiate between the good and the bad. Therefore, you can do this for them by monitoring their phone contacts.

Employees of a company know many secrets. This is why your competitors might be chasing your employees behind your back. With TeenSafe, you can find out if any of your employees are in touch with your competitors.

After a five minute setup, you can monitor your child's or employee's phone whenever you want. There are no additional steps and no additional requirements. It is as simple as that, which is all the more reason to use it.

No Need to Root or Jailbreak

TeenSafe has employed the brightest minds in the business to create an app that cannot be rivaled. Its contact monitor shows you every phonebook entry of the target user without asking you to root or jailbreak the target device..

Quiet and Discreet

Using TeenSafe will never get you caught, no matter whether you are monitoring contacts of an Android phone or an iPhone. For Android phones, TeenSafe runs quietly in the background. For iOS devices, TeenSafe gets you the data without needing any app installation on the target phone!

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