Easiest Way to Spy on an Instagram

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Their Private Instagram Data is Just a Few Clicks Away.

View their private Instagram sent and received messages.

  • See the people they are chatting with on Instagram.
  • See who they follow and who follows them.
  • Get Access to the Photos and Videos they share with others.

Spy on Instagram in 3 Simple Steps

Get TeenSafe

Create a TeenSafe account with your email address.

Configure TeenSafe

Set up TeenSafe based on the target phone's operating system.

View their Instagram data

You are ready to see their Instagram data on your dashboard.

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TeenSafe Grants you 100% Access to their Instagram Account

With TeenSafe, you view every bit of someone's Instagram data that they can see themselves. From their private messages to even the pictures and videos they share in those messages, you have it all. In fact, they cannot even hide the deleted chats from you, as TeenSafe shows it all.

instagram spy

Once you have TeenSafe up and running, you can access its features from any web browser that you use. You just need to find the Instagram Spy option on the left hand side of the dashboard, present under Social Media Apps tab. It will show you the detailed data of their private Instagram account

The Instagram data is updated in real time, which means that you can even view the messages that they have sent just now. WIth that,you can view messages as old as you like. You have the option to adjust the messages per page, from 10 to 100. You can even sort the messages in any fashion that suits you. All this without their knowledge!.

TeenSafe archives all their Instagram messages automatically. This means that even if they delete the chats on their phone's Instagram app, you will still have it in your TeenSafe dashboard. Further, you can even choose to download the chat on your system or print it out, whatever you choose to do.

Instagram Spying is an Indispensable Feature

Countless parents wrote to us sharing their concerns over their children's Instagram habits. We now have the answer in TeenSafe's Instagram spying solution. You can learn what your child is doing with all the hours that they are spending online on Instagram. There is so much that you can do:

Monitor Your Kids

If your child is spending too much time on Instagram, it may be a cause of concern. Instagram is full of cyber predators who are looking forward to exploiting vulnerabilities. This is why you need to see what exactly your child does on their Instagram account.

View the Pictures and Videos they share

We all know that it is common for people to share indecent content on social media. Therefore, you need to make sure that no one is sharing any such content with your child and, more importantly, your child is not sharing any such content with someone else.

Setting up TeenSafe just takes around a couple of minutes. In return, you get a lifetime access to their private Instagram data and so much more. Therefore, it is a good idea to start with TeenSafe right away, before it is too late!

Instagram Spying without Root or Jailbreak

TeenSafe is the pinnacle of Instagram spying, and it accomplishes it without having to root or jailbreak the target device. After all, we all know that rooting or jailbreaking a phone damages it. Therefore, every user of TeenSafe thanks TeenSafe for this facility. You are going to love it too..

TeenSafe's Instagram Spy Works in Secret

When you are using TeenSafe to spy on someone's private Instagram data, there is no risk of getting caught. This is because TeenSafe's Instagram spy is designed to work in secret. Its iPhone spy app does not require any access to the target phone or any app installation in it. Its Android app works totally hidden, even the app icon vanishes from the target Android phone's app menu.

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